My Easter Bun-ny Mocktail

Easter, whilst a religious celebration, is also known for the celebration of food and chocolate in the form of eggs. I love this time of year what with the crisp mornings, blue sky, daffodils, the birds chirping and…. Hot Cross Buns. I love Hot Cross Buns! My brother used to dip them in a cup of tea which I found absolutely disgusting but it did get me wondering what the mix tasted like and I suppose inspired an invention which is perfect to accompany your Easter weekend or any other weekend for that matter.

Following on from my English Apple & Pear Delish, I think my following creation can help celebrate new beginning for those beginning a trip of sobriety. For this mocktail, I have used a Vodka substitute but feel free to use any botanical out there or even leave it out.

What you need to make 2 Mocktails:

  • 1 Hot Cross Buns (not a Teacake)
  • 200ml Apple Juice (Pressed is best)
  • 75ml Stryyk Not Vodka or another Botanical type drink
  • 1 Lime & Zest
  • A Strainer


  1. Tear up the bun into small pieces and put into a large bowl into a bowl
  2. Warm the apple juice (do not boil though) and pour over the bun pieces
  3. Leave to infuse for an hour or so
  4. Give it a mix and strain the juice into a shaker, pressing the bun to extract as much juice as possible
  5. Add the Stryyk Not Vodka and a handful of ice, then shake to mix
  6. Pour into 2 of your favourite glasses. I use a martini glass and as an option you could also sugar coat the rims.
  7. Garnish with 2 strips of Lime zest. As an option you can squeeze some juice in too if you are feeling frisky!

Kick back, enjoy and eat chocolate.

Happy Easter…… Darren

p.s Hope you like my Bunny Lamp in the Picture? You can find more Easter Mocktail recipes at

Disclosure: The Real Bunny Rabbit isn’t mine sadly.

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