English Apple & Pear Delish Mocktail

Following my Christmas mocktails we are now in Springtime, but I have created this is beautiful drink for both now and Summer, with it being easy to make numerous variations and twists on it as well.

For example, if you’re not a big Ginger fan then just leave it out and increase the apple juice and / or use a full pear. My wife and I both enjoy this refreshing drink at anytime of year and I made a couple yesterday after we had spent some time in the garden. We sat back and admired our work… a Perfect Mocktail!

Get your stuff (technical term)

150ml Ginger Ale

500ml Apple juice (pressed and cloudy is best)

1 Soft (ish) ripe pear

Juice from 1 lemon

2 tsp Clear honey

Small slice of Ginger – Depending on how fiery you like it

Fresh Mint for Garnish

Mocktail Method

  1. Cut the pear in half, peel and remove the core
  2. Put the pear half in a blender with the apple juice, lemon juice, honey and the fresh ginger and blitz until nice and smooth
  3. Put as much ice as you like in 2 lovely glasses, and using a sieve to keep back any of the pulp stuff, divide it between them
  4. Slice the remaining pear half and add some to the glasses, give it a stir
  5. Finally, top up with ginger ale, a slice of lemon and the mint
  6. …… and enjoy!

All the best…. Darren

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