Finding Your Sober Bubble

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You don’t need to be ‘labelled’ an alcoholic to have a drink problem, and as a self-confessed binge drinker, Darren didn’t necessarily hit what is perceived as ‘Rock Bottom’, but says he could certainly see it from where he was standing!


“Everyday real, easy to read, and relatable”


“Darren truly writes from the heart and in a compelling way that anyone can relate to. It is a brutally honest account of his journey and recovery. Heartily recommended”


“This powerful book challenges you to deeply explore your thoughts and fears around letting go of alcohol, and release them, using a unique and effective blend of storytelling and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques. This book will change lives”! 



Darren has also self narrated the Finding Your Sober Bubble audiobook.

“I did have some auditions however, whilst they were all very good, I wanted to bring authenticity through my delivery. Whilst I have never done this before, I hope the realism I bring enhances the experience for listeners”

‘Finding Your Sober Bubble’ isn’t just another tale of someone who got sober. Darren looks back through hidden emotions and life’s circumstances to understand why he binge drank. His account demonstrates with humour, the power of persistence when achieving goals, and includes NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques. Written in his own unique style, this book is real, supportive and in no way condescending.

When it comes to alcohol, the perception of everyday people, and some professionals, is often misconstrued. Along with millions of others, Darren once found himself always abusing alcohol, and for the wrong reasons. With a broken on/off switch, he struggled to stop, and with a high flying job leading him further down the road to destruction, playing with his ego, and offering a lifestyle that many people would be grateful for, alcohol started to take over and he almost lost everything.

You may already be sober, sober curious, or at the end of your tether, but through preparation and using this book as a guide, you too can cut out alcohol, finding inspiration from a regular guy who took different methods and made them his own. This battle against the booze highlights these various methods including counselling and NLP therapy, AA, social media and scouring the web typing in “am I an alcoholic”? Pulling on everyday experiences, the author also gives an insight into the ‘problem drinker’ with his relatable and unique booze category scale, proving that limitations and perceptions can be overcome.

Welcome to the world of sober living. Through determination, self-belief and frozen fruit and tonic (diet of course, no gin), you too can thrive in sobriety by creating you’re very own Sober Bubble.

The Author

Darren G. Taylor is an everyday guy with an everyday upbringing and everyday outlook. Having enjoyed a successful engineering and sales career and being well travelled, Darren has an eclectic array of influences. Underneath the success, alcohol was orchestrating from a young age and with a lifestyle of “work hard, play hard” eventually it began to take control. With Engineering and Science Degree’s, Darren’s personal biggest achievement is to graduate from his own university of life.

In October 2019, Darren founded his website and aptly named it “The University of Everyday Life” which is growing nicely, and with a passion for writing he now brings his take on life and sobriety through “Finding Your Sober Bubble” and hopes to help others with his insight, guide and success story all in one place.

Darren is sober, but very far from boring.

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