Boozeless Raspberry Dark-Eri

Whilst the Daquiri has many variations they are generally made using White Rum so I thought, why not go crazy and use a Dark non-alcoholic alternative. Que “Rumish” which is a new favourite of mine and is also used in my Pina Colada Mocktail. I also use a Raspberry syrup to give it an extra sweetness and with the lime juice giving it a lovely twist on the palate it is a personal favourite for any occasion.


50 ml Rumish

35 ml Fresh Lime Juice

25 ml Raspberry syrup

15 ml Sugar syrup (for a sweeter drink)

Wedge of Lime

Crushed Frozen Raspberries (or mushed up fresh Raspberries)

Top with Soda water if desired


Simply mix the liquids together in a cocktail shaker, pour into a suitable glass and top with the Raspberries and a wedge of lime. Lovely

Tip: For a different consistency, add chopped or mashed frozen raspberries to the liquids in a cocktail shaker, give it a blast and there you have it.

Also, this is quite a strong flavoured Mocktail so top up with Soda water for a softer punch.


All the best…. Darren

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