Whilst there may not be much evidence to back up the scientific benefits to Himalayan salt lamps, this doesn’t mean that they will not help you throughout your sobriety. After all, we are willing to try pretty much anything to help us achieve the most out of our sober lifestyle with many asking the question, “Will a salt lamp help me with my sobriety?”

This blog will hopefully help answer that and what a salt lamp is.

What Is A Salt Lamp?

If you have ever owned a Himalayan salt lamp and eaten something directly after touching one, the chances are you will have realised that they are in fact very salty. This is because the crystals are carved from an amber-coloured rock salt and then turned hollow to allow a bulb to be placed in the centre.

Whilst they look pretty and do a great job of ambiently lighting up a room, they do have many other benefits too but it does begs the question “Will A salt lamp help me with my sobriety?”  Some salt lamp benefits may even help to support you during your mission to achieve sobriety.

Salt Lamp helping sobriety

How Is A Salt Lamp Going To Help Me During Sobriety?

Hear us out for this and stay for the ride as to why these are going to help your sobriety journey.  We understand that this may seem crazy and a load of nonsense, but there is logic behind the madness.

These lamps have been known to improve your mood, increase your sleeping, and improve the quality of your sleep. All of these things can help you get on your way to kickstarting your sobriety journey. But we will go into more details as to why they will truly help you!

The salt lamp is believed to take in the air which surrounds it and releases this as negative ions as well as recharging the air around it. This helps to purify and clean the air along with removing any toxins.

By releasing negative ions into the atmosphere, this has been known to improve the air around you which can increase the overall flow of oxygen to your brain and will result in a much more improved mental alertness along with reducing any symptoms of drowsiness and providing you with more energy.

These lamps have also been reported to reduce anxiety, which can be a side effect of addiction recovery. Suffering with anxiety can be difficult and leave you in a real rut of not understanding a way to move forward. This can often lead you to struggle and cause setbacks to your sobriety journey.

Not only do the salt lamps help to improve the air around you, but you can also benefit from the general colour of the lamp. Soothing warm lighting in a relaxed environment will help with your mental health and overall mood. This in turn can provide beneficial factors to your sobriety journey.

Whilst these salt lamps are going to help you relax, cleanse the air around you, and potentially reduce your symptoms of anxiety, it is important to remember that there is no solid evidence suggesting that all of these statements are true and in fact they might be mainly self-believed.

Do I Need A Salt Lamp For My Recovery?

Whilst it would be great if a Himalayan salt lamp would make the recovery process as easy as 1,2,3, but unfortunately a lamp just does not have the power to achieve that. But it can certainly help to improve things.

There are many things which can help to support us through our sobriety journey and give us that extra boost to kickstart you on the way to success. Whilst a salt lamp can provide many benefits to your overall health, remember not to just rely on any one treatment.

But never treat your sobriety journey as a race. As the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. You should never compare your journey to anybody else nor believe that you are failing because someone is further ahead.

Every person going through this is individual and will deal with things differently. Only focus on your own finish line and nobody else.

Try a salt lamp for your bedroom or any room which you feel the most relaxed in and see if the benefits help you on your way to sobriety success!

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Will A Salt Lamp Help Me With My Sobriety?