Social Problems: Society has problems and so do we in our own personal bubbles!

But what does that mean and what are these social problems? Firstly, society can elude to Global scale issues, individual countries and honed right down to separate neighbourhoods. In this post I refer to all 3 as “Society”. But what about us? We have personal social issues which have a direct correlation with society and vice versa. The purpose of this article is not to explain detail but to demonstrate and list some of them to arouse thoughts of what, if any you can relate to? I have made a small note at the side and remember this list is only the start and it could stretch much longer I’m sure!

Try and link some of the personal issues to the issues faced in society and vice versa!

Social Problems – Personal:

Problem Faced Tiny Comment
Money Always
Relationships Any relationship can be testing but why the lack of family values, patience and commitment these days?
Work stress Time for a 4-day week or is that extra pound of flesh not worth it anymore? Too busy or busy fools? Are you owed a living?
Family members You’re stuck I’m afraid, but should you stick by?
School Discipline no more! Kids are never easy but who would be a Teacher these days? They haven’t a hope in hell!
Social interaction On the decline. Does social media and gaming contribute to this?
Addiction So easy to fall into these days with all these pressures and problems but is it self-inflicted or not?
Peer pressure / fitting in Only if you are uncomfortable standing out or is it a must? Social Media pressures?
What do people think of me? Should we really care or is this a natural social instinct?
Social Anxiety Where do I start… All the above

Social Problems – Society:

Poverty on a Global scale

Luck, greed, business or all 3? See also over population


Technology, skills or lack of commitment? See also over population

Climate change

When will society wake up in ALL countries. We have a moral duty to protect our planet! See also over population


What would you do if it was your family?

Anti-social behaviour

Police have had the authority taken away and discipline is gone. See lack of respect

Water shortage

Only approx. 0.3% of the earths water is useable but not evenly distributed. See also Climate Change

Over population

Probably the root cause of most problems when you drill down with “Why’s”

Food production

See over population




A run of bad luck, bad choices in personal life or lack of homes? See also over population

Gun Crime

Just change the law for goodness sake and give the Police more power to do a job


Perceptions need to change

Prison systems

See over population, respect for each other and anti-social behaviour

Respect for each other

Where do I start, there are many reasons and examples? We are all merely borrowing the earth so why can’t we just get on?


In summary there are obviously many issues around the theme of social topics and whilst some of the topics’ causes and solutions may be clear to some…. when you really drill down and get into the detail of why, why, why, right back through the years then opinions can and surely will change.

One thing I firmly believe in though is there are always influences and circumstances, either positive or negative which affect our personal behaviours and as for society, our personal behaviours collectively, we need to address these problems and many others, and that is one hell of a challenge in today’s fast moving world!

Take care wherever you are…. Darren

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