Why Try Dry January

It’s dark, it has been a strange Christmas, but most people will have tried to make the best of it, as we do because of the human spirit. But what about the spirits and other booze that have still been available? It has of course never gone away, and with relaxation of Covid rules and perhaps complacency, I wanted to share a Poem of why I think you should give Dry January a blast:

Dry January

Tis the end of the season and it hasn’t been dry

I have ate, drank, was merry but certainly not shy

My body is aching, there’s not long to go

But my liver is dreading it, I heard it say … oh God no!


If I had the choice I’d give New Years a miss

I just cant believe all I’ve done is get ….. drunk

There’s been family and friends but always so unstable

To think there’s no wonder with booze, the head of the table


But how come this liquid does play such a role

It’s almost as if society has handed over control

On billboards, TV & conversations you just cannot ignore

Can it and should it be this normalised, I cant take anymore


The more I think on, I fear we have it all wrong

Society has us believing without alcohol there just is no fun

But my body says otherwise, I ache, I feel knackered

I’m full of remorse and my family, well shattered


All the signs they are pointing to a change in the making

I know that its alcohol, this time there’s no faking

Something has to be done, but how long and how fast

Just one day at a time and start by giving Dry January a blast!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!