Tips to Get Through a Stressful Day

We all know that these days occur. You know, the ones where you just think your head is more likely to explode than shine positivity into your day. Upon waking up you are filled with dread about the day ahead and the easiest thing would be to pull the covers back over your head and hide. Depending who you are with, this might not be a bad idea, but if you need to face the world under duress here are some helpful little tips that are not so obvious to help you along the way:

Have a Brew

Obviously coming from me I mean Tea or another nice drink, not beer. If you are thinking of this in the morning, then you should read some of my other posts. Taking a brew, particularly in the morning, allows you some time to think about the stress ahead in perhaps a structured & positive light, whilst sipping one of life’s pleasures. It also is good when you are taking a break to make someone else a brew. It’s good for the team spirit and a chat and a brew will take your mind off things.

Take a Time Out

Had to follow on with this because they go hand in hand. If you are at work and the boss is being an arse, or you just can’t quite get your head around the task in hand, don’t lose it and throw the papers or the hammer around the room (done both), grab yourself a brew and have a minute. Take a few deep breaths and take yourself to your happy place. Depending where that is you might want to keep it to yourself!

Write it down

Not surprisingly I write everything down, especially if there is something niggling away at me. Because my brain is like a swing ball, if it gets too full it starts to chip away at me and I lose or forget things, so I write it down to free up my hard drive space. Take grocery shopping for example. You write a list, so you don’t have to remember all the stuff you need. Writing stressful things down that are on your mind is no different. If it is stressing you out, write it down so you don’t have to think about it until you are ready. So easy, but so true. Check my post on journaling.

Remember We Are Small

Simply put, we can’t save the world all by ourselves. You might have a million and one things to do but must you do them all at once? Think about the impact of not doing something, does it really matter, is the world around you going to crumble? I’m not saying that what you are stressing about is menial, far from it, but what good will stressing do in the grand scheme of things. It is a mindset I suppose. That the world is a big beautiful place and we are just a tiny part of it, so don’t stress about the things we cannot control and remember we are only small.

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Go Outside

Obviously if it is lashing down with rain (like in the North West of England… no offence, but it does rain a lot there) then maybe you can give it a miss, but you don’t need me to tell you that fresh air is good for you. It wakes you up, it rejuvenates you and generally makes you feel better. Personally, I love to go outside in a thunderstorm on a hot summers day and get pelted with rain to cool me down (I digress). Its like the adults used to say to you as a child, get some fresh air, it does you good. Wisdom truly does come with age.

Tell them “I Love You”

If your having a shitty day it could be that you just need a cuddle from the one you care about. Whoever this person is take a break from the stress, give them a call, a text message, or charter a plane and write in the sky “I Love You”. It is amazing what love can do and if you feel it, show it.

Get Comfy

This could be more of a wind down at the end of the day, or if your stressful day is at home, just say nuts to it and stay in your pyjamas, go butt naked (legally), whatever you are comfy in. Or, when you get home from work or play (sometimes even this can stress you out, as any golfer will tell you), get in the bath put on some slacks and get cosy while the stress disappears from within.

Other stress busters to consider in no particular order:

Sex, candles, massage, exercise, stroking a dog, talking to a friend, shouting at the top of your voice (sometimes, but perhaps controversial) where no-one can hear you.

In summary, we all have those bob days where we just wish they would pass but just try and minimise the stress levels with however you can. There is always tomorrow and to finish on an old saying; ‘Worse things happen at sea’.

Chill folks…. Darren

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