Stop Drinking – 6 Benefits to Sobriety

When you stop drinking there are many benefits which are often overlooked. Sure there are the obvious ones like better skin, fitter and healthier and no hangovers, but what about some of the following:

  • Better appetite: I actually gained weight and not just because of the sly other that is sugar!
  • Staying married: I was close on this one – Phew!
  • Holding onto your job!
  • Appreciating the little things that life has to offer, like a walk in the park with the kids (can also be a nightmare don’t get me wrong)!
  • Watching your mates make absolute fools of themselves after they have been drinking!
  • Oh, and as in the clip below, feelings of invincibility…… Although a little rounded at the edges, I can (well almost convincingly) WALK ON WATER……


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