Sobriety or staying sober is the major part of life for the former drinker and something to be extremely proud of, but do we need to permanently ink sobriety tattoos onto ourselves as a reminder of bad times & accountability, the best thing you ever did and/or, even better things to come?

My Sobriety Tattoos – A Personal Choice

When I was considering my sleeve tattoo it was around the time (one of the times) I was adamant I would never drink again, and I wanted to signify the moment. However, it turns out that I did drink again, before finally quitting for keeps. Imagine I had got my “sobriety date” inked on my arm, ankle, or wherever…. Not sure that moment would matter and I would feel rather silly.

Eventually I chose something that related to my lifestyle change because of my sobriety and personally, this is meaningful and powerful to me. I also believe that we are all different and sobriety tattoos if done in the right frame of mind are a good idea, but the design needs to be considered carefully in line with resolve.

The sobriety tattoo falls into one of the following categories and a few examples are shown for good measure, but I will leave it to you to judge:

Sobriety Tattoos 1

The Personal Tattoo: As suggested, these sobriety tattoos don’t generally jump out at the onlooker, might not be on show or are incorporated within another design such as a date or a statement about your sobriety journey. For example, I have the words “He is a wise man that does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those that he has” within my sleeve and it is written in ancient Greek, why? Because its personal to me and the fact I have finally found contentment in my life.


The Proud Tattoo: These are the people who really want to tell the world they have come from rock bottom and turned it all around, are proud as punch they don’t drink, and they get a sobriety tattoo for all the world to see. I’m not talking about your sobriety date tattooed on your forehead, eyelids (that must sting) or the end of your nose, but it’s there for all the world to see and it matters not, what non-believers may think. These are the lovely people that like to spread the word and often encourage others through their positivity of knowing they will never drink again… And they have a Tat to prove it!

Sobriety Tattoos 2

The Classy Tattoo: The classy sobriety tattoo could be a mixture of the personal or the proud sobriety tattoo but perhaps less subtle or done in such a way that the artist has clearly put his/her own stamp on the design. Probably the most difficult type to perfect or even come up with, but nevertheless, a thing of beauty.

The above 3 categories are what we normal folk would all normally aim for. Unfortunately, through mistakes or just because the owner is, let’s say, limited in good judgement we get the following category:

The (let’s just say) Not so Classy Tattoo: Quite frankly, these are the worst, greatest mistake, unthought out sobriety tattoo’s that you wish you’d never had. You might have even done it yourself during your last drinking session having drunkenly sworn to yourself that “thish is the lasht time and I will prove it” before regretting it that much when you came round from blackout that it makes you hit the drink again.

To see some more Sobriety Tattoos click here. All I would say is, think very carefully before putting pen to paper and ink to skin. 

Take care… Darren

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