An Ode to Sober October

So you’ve bit the bullet and gone sober for October
It’s time that you proved that alcohol don’t own ya
The first few days done with a weekend included
You should be so proud, even if you feel, well, secluded

In society its normalised, the saviour, great never bad
With the belief that without it no fun can be had
It’s the go to glamour puss for highs and for lows
For despair and for happiness, alcohol just flows

A few days without you may feel sore and start missing your boozy affair
Constant thoughts in your mind, it’s as though it’s everywhere
You see it in adverts and in conversations all around
You’ve never noticed before but it’s like constant noise, and it’s in surround sound

With this new realisation of what’s normal, and cravings inflicted
You might start to think my god we must all be addicted
When reflecting on this you might not be far from the truth
You’re doing OK but then my god, then the sweet tooth

Just think about the charitable cause or your own reasons for trying
And your liver of course, why it’s enjoying the drying
The cravings will pass, and you’ll feel positive once more
Just give it some time and your health, outlook and life will be so much better than before

At the end of October you’ll feel great or even enriched
You now have a choice, continue or go back to the (wine) witch
Think about reality and don’t let craving thoughts linger
You’ve already earned the right this October, to give alcohol the finger

All the best and keep going….. Darren


If you are thinking of making this your journey to continued sobriety and want some more info visit my sobriety tips.

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