Quitting through the Alcoholic Alphabet

Whichever way you look at it there are various steps you can take to quitting the booze and depending on your own personality and desire, there are different ways to take these steps. Here is the Alcoholic Alphabet, an example of my journey from A to Z and I can tell you I did A through F more than once:

Admiration for people in sobriety and the moderators among us or Addiction recognising and beating it.

Being aware of your alcohol intake

Concerned about your alcohol intake

Desire to cut down or quit, but can you moderate?

Enough is enough, you quit and that’s why you’re reading my Alcoholic Alphabet!

Quitting Alcohol - The Alcoholic Alphabet

Fear of what the future holds without alcohol… Could also be Failure and drinking again (perhaps)

Give yourself some self- talk around why you are doing this…. OR…. Get back on the wagon and know that you are not the first and won’t be the last

Hardest thing you’ve ever done, and your thoughts turn to moderation

It will get easier they tell you, but forget about moderation you’ve probably already tried

Jekyl and Hyde. One minute your smiling and the next you want to slap anyone that mentions the A word. Can start earlier and last a fair while but gets better

Keeping busy is a good way of avoiding cravings, get your guard up like you have prepared for the aftermath of stopping drinking

Less cravings are apparent as time goes on and not so deep but still do you now and then (here is more info on alcohol cravings in sobriety).

Mood and Morale will begin to improve but be aware of downers because they do happen

Nights out on the town will likely test you so avoid if so just don’t put yourself in a position

Opt for a nice meal out with family or friends to make you not feel like a complete hermit

Perceptions will begin to change about the alcohol that was once in your life. Put bluntly, its annoys the hell out of you

Quality time with family and friends who really care about you becomes the number one in your life

Quitting Alcohol - The Alcoholic Alphabet - Family

Reasons for stopping are now apparent and you are revelling in a new outlook……. R could also (unfortunately) stand for Relapse but also (if this is the case) Restart, Refresh, Resilience

Start to set goals for your future and what you really want to achieve in your everyday life

Teetotal, how does it feel? Targets for the future become clear and you own being a Teetotaller

Unlikely that you will turn back now, you have come so far but never forget your guard and the journey because you have learnt so many lessons

Value your newfound sobriety and outlook and relish the increasing positive feelings about the future more and more

Wellness is creeping into everyday life and you are thinking about looking after you

X Marks the spot and you have struck gold (well what could I put for X… You try), keep going

You have no boundaries; You have stopped drinking and You are a true legend of sobriety!

ZONED OUT!! You are completely in the zone and should be proud of yourself. You now understand your boundaries and weaknesses and can enjoy a life of Zobriety


If you want some some more information and help around Sobriety – here are my sobriety tips

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