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Sobriety is a tough journey. You’ve made the decision to quit drinking and would like the whole process to go as smoothly as possible. But perhaps after years of drinking then your brain and body start to suffer with the dreaded withdrawal symptoms and you either want to scream like a banshee or withdraw and feel sorry for yourself.

When the screaming has subsided, and the latter scenario has presented itself you may find books to be an excellent resource for you to research some cold hard knowledge about drinking and the effects it has on the brain and the body as well as some insight into other peoples’ sober journeys and what they had to overcome.

With books by people who’ve had to overcome alcohol addiction themselves to experts in chemical dependency we’re sure that our list of 5 books to help you quit drinking to help and inspire you as you take back control of your life and the new sober you.

Drink?: The New Science of Alcohol and Health

We’re going to start this list off with a book that takes a fascinating look that cuts through all the scientific jargon to bring you the facts without swamping you with unnecessary scientific jargon.

The author of Drink? Professor David Nutt is regarded as a leading global authority on alcohol abuse and a professor of neuropharmacology who specialises in the effects of drugs that affect the brain and conditions such as addiction, anxiety, and sleep.

In 2010 Professor Nutt founded Drug Science, of which he is also the chairman, a non-profit dedicated to providing independent, evidence-based information on drugs.

Using his years of experience in the field and the latest cutting-edge research available the good professor addresses the long and shirt term effects of alcohol, how it travels through the human body and brain and how it affects areas such as hormones, mental health, and addiction.

You’ll be relieved to hear that despite the author being an eminent authority that this doesn’t read like a science textbook and is a very accessible book to help you gain a better understanding of alcohol and its effects on your body.

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Alcohol Explained

Alcohol Explained by William Porter, like the previous book goes deep into the effects of alcohol on the human body on a chemical, physiological and psychological level.

Covering from those first few sips all the way up to chronic alcoholism and explaining that as perplexing as problem drinking is to the non-drinker, it can be equally stumping to the people with drink problems as well.

Alcohol Explained pops up a lot in lists of ‘Quit Literature’ and with very good reason as many experts in the field believe that not only could alcoholics and problem drinkers benefit from the knowledge contained within the writing but also that it could be of tremendous benefit to medical students looking to advance further in the field of addiction treatment and science too.

The Alcohol Experiment

Every day (for 30 days) the Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace will show you another new way to think about drinking. It’s a programme that will help you examine why you drink, what it is that you get from drinking and whether alcohol is really the answer.

Author Annie Grace is also the author of the best-selling This Naked Mind, the cult hit that takes an intellectual look at the world of alcohol and in particular the connection between drink and pleasure and in the Alcohol Experiment guides you through the latest research and gives you tools to hopefully assist you in giving up alcohol for good.

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The Sober Diaries

The Sober Diaries is author Claire Pooleys account of her own battle to give up drinking interweaved with advice and research along with the answers to questions such as, “What do I say to Friends and family?” and “How do I know if I’m drinking too much?”.

The book is itself an account of a year in Claire’s life, detailing her life as a managing partner at a huge advertising agency to becoming a depressed and overweight mother of three who was drinking more than a bottle of wine a day and asking herself the question “Am I an Alcoholic?”

The Sober Diaries shows her life quitting booze and starting a successful blog to detailing her successful battle against breast cancer and by the end of the year shows her free from alcohol, free from cancer, two stones down in weight and with her life back on track having made it richer and healthier thanks to giving up alcohol. A very funny and uplifting book that tackles a very difficult subject and time excellently.

Alcohol and You

Alcohol and you-21 Ways to Control and Stop Drinking: How to Give Up Your Addiction and Quit Alcohol to give it it’s full title by Lewis David is a self-help book by a professional therapist who has amassed a wealth of knowledge through having helped thousands of clients with treatment for their alcohol problem through government funded programmes.

Lewis has written extensively on the subject having also authored ‘The 10-Day Alcohol Detox Plan’ and ‘Mindfulness for Alcohol Recovery’ of which both could have easily made this list.

Well written in an easy-to-follow format Lewis helps you to find the best ways overcome problem drinking, giving you advice to find the best and free support to help maintain your sober journey, strategies, and medications to help with cravings, motivation.

How to make the decision to cut down or quit outright and how to diagnose alcohol dependence, Alcohol and You will provide you and your sober toolbox with some great tools, resources, and ideas to support you when first giving up drink to further along on your sober travels.

So, we hope to have given you some inspiration in finding some great literature to help you or your loved one to find the courage to take that first step towards a brighter sober future full of promise and clear headedness.

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