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Quit Drinking: Start Planning for Sober October NOW

You may have heard of ‘Sober October’ and thought “Ah yes, I know that one, its for a great cause I will give it a bash” but half way through September you kick back and finish the bottle of wine you just started. Obviously, this is OK because it’s not October yet. But is it really that easy to quit booze for one month? My answer would likely be no.

Cutting anything out of your life that you are used to, let alone alcohol, is like throwing a monkey wrench in your whole program. It sometimes isn’t that easy!

Before I continue, the following extract is taken from the official site and explains what this wonderful charity event is all about, so follow this Go Sober link and please register:

Macmillan Cancer Support are asking you to get involved in Sober October by going alcohol-free in October to raise money for people with cancer.

As 2020 has already been quite the challenge, this year, we’re introducing some new options for taking part. You can choose to have a Sober(ish) October by taking on the challenge for 21 or 14 days, or go old school and challenge yourself to take on the full 31 days.

No matter how long you choose to go sober for, by signing up to the challenge, you’ll be doing something amazing for people with cancer. All money raised will help to make sure Macmillan can continue being there for the millions of people living with cancer in the UK.

And you’re not just helping others, you’re helping yourself too. Having a break from alcohol has great health benefits, such as having more energy, a clearer head and sleeping better, plus no hangovers!

So we hope to see you take part in Sober October, raising a glass (of water) and standing proudly beside people living with cancer.

Not so sure about the water alone but most people are affected by Cancer, either directly or indirectly, so clearly it is a worthwhile charity. But, to re-iterate, based on the full old school challenge, Sober October is going sober for one whole month, four and a bit weeks, thirty one days, five Friday and Saturday nights and four Sundays, and that’s before I mention the hours.

With this in mind, I would say it’s not to be sniffed at and as with any successful mission it needs careful planning and consideration. It needs the The 5 (or 6) P’s:

Planning & Preparation Prevents a (Piss) Poor Performance

Before you go any further, using the questions below, start to think about quitting for a month and the whole circus surrounding drinking, by answering the following. Write down your answers and associated thoughts:

  • Think about your future self in that month, who no longer needs alcohol What does that feel like?
  • What do you think you need to have in place to be able to quit drinking and go sober for October?
  • Who do you think you will need help and support from most?
  • What scares you most about no alcohol for sober October?
  • What are the benefits to carrying on drinking for a month and not having a break And, what are the benefits if you stop drinking for a month or even going further than sober for October?
  • Think about what you intend to gain in terms of health, relationships, family and finance, etc. and write down what your top three to five reasons are for giving sober for October a bash and why?

These questions might be easy and if so then great, it’s a good cause and good on you! But for others, it might start stirring the brain into literally shitting itself with the thought of no alcohol for a whole month, let alone thinking beyond sober for October. This might just be a kick start to a whole new sober life. So, if this is you and you are wanting Sober October to be the first of many months along a sobriety, or a cutting down on alcohol journey, then you need the 6 P’s and an understanding of what to expect.

For this you MUST visit my post ‘Dealing with the aftermath of quitting booze’

Visit the post for the details and further advice but this is what you can expect:

Sugar cravings, short tempered, thoughts on more moderation, finding excuses to avails events, thinking about alcohol constantly, feeling sorry for yourself, wight loss or gain, worries about life without alcohol, (breath), realisation that alcohol is on your face everywhere, resenting other who continue to drink, anxiety and on and on and on…….

From that, comes knowledge and support, because if you know what’s coming, you can prepare in advance and dodge the bullets.

This is a great cause to support MacMillan Cancer Care and start the same time you will be doing yourself a favour, even for a short period of one month. In any case, I wish you all the best.

Sign up here for GoSober October.

Important Statement If you think you, or someone you represent may be physically dependent on alcohol, please also seek medical advice. Signs of this after stopping drinking can be hand tremors known as ‘the shakes’, sweating, nausea, visual hallucinations (seeing things that are not real) and seizures (fits) in the most serious cases.

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