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Things You Notice in Continued Sobriety That Improve Everyday Life

You appreciate the simpler things in life

This comes down to contentment. Now I am not suggesting that you quit alcohol and suddenly everything in the world is rosy, but I am suggesting that everything becomes clearer.

Whereas, once you would have thought taking a walk in the forest with your family was akin to walking into a pub with no beer when you are gasping, you will find that such a thing is extremely pleasurable with the sights, sounds and smells that accompany it, including the loved ones you do it with. As for the pub with no beer, you couldn’t really care!

The future looks bright

The future used to revolve around what was happening short term in terms of where the next drinking session was coming from. Sure, there were holidays to look forward to but even then, it was about drinking in the morning and it being OK! Strip back the alcohol and the world is your proverbial Oyster. Things you always dreamed about doing become clearer and you do something about them (well I did) and your outlook on everyday life seems more positive

There is less drama in the home

A house where someone is on edge and there are 2 kids aged 8 and 12 is always going to be intense! Alcohol is known to influence anxiety, depression and irritability when deprived but once you get through the latter its as though everything is toned down a level, something which has obvious benefits to everyone making for a happy home.

Noticing the potential problem drinkers around you and realising you are free

Whilst you are no Psychologist, well you might be but… from your own life experience you know the Demon’s game. Whilst you were in the throes of addiction or binging you likely didn’t care if other people drank too much because either you didn’t realise, or it took the heat off you right?

With the knowledge of the warning signs and signals I have seen it with work colleagues and acquaintances alike and in some cases even the effect (however small) on those around them. This is nothing new and no-one needs a Crusader telling them how to live their life, it’s just another observation of how alcohol is engrained in society. The benefit is that you become grateful it’s not you and given your experiences, should it be necessary you are able to help, and that makes you feel good.

Alcohol is everywhere you look

I’m not sugar coating this, it just is! I found that from day one there seemed to be more adverts, more events and more alcohol on sale in shops than ever before.

The truth is, that alcohol is so ingrained in our society it is only when you step back that you notice the extent. It’s quite sad, that this is the perception of our socialising necessities in this country. Being free from the shackles that alcohol had you in means you can look beyond the need for alcohol to be involved in everything and that opens up a whole new world.

Seeing things at face value and less gossip

With a clear and calmer outlook, we can see what we choose to see and at face value, meaning that we don’t feel the need to judge or look for hidden agenda’s thus leading to gossiping. You don’t have to see everything through rose tinted glasses, but I started to accept things unless I knew otherwise and that stopped me drifting into gossip and freed up my mind for more positive thoughts about my everyday life and what the future could bring.

You can have a BBQ or any other gathering without alcohol

Honestly, you can, and I have had many (I love the BBQ). When you are drinking if someone invites you to a BBQ most people link that with what drinks they will take, why? Perhaps its because when spelt Bar…becue has “Bar” but more likely it’s because that’s what society tells us.

The idea of a BBQ is to enjoy cooked food outdoors in a rustic and Smokey way, not to get plastered. After you have got through the initial stages of being scared about doing anything sober, you will realise that a BBQ is a celebration of food and if you have guests, enjoying their company. You simply don’t need alcohol.

Finally, and following on from the last one; Once upon a time, doing anything for fun meant alcohol was involved and whilst you may start your sober journey believing this is true, after a while you will surely realise that there is more to life than alcohol and in fact it holds you back because the ultimate and final thing I realised is:


Take Care….. Darren


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