My Sobriety Quote:

Most people have linked the words “Demon” and “Drink” before, but when you consider the demon within the drinker that encourages that urge to intoxicate, you can appreciate why such a link exists. So much so, it inspired me to write a little poem to the Scumbag:

An Ode to the Demon that is Alcohol

You drink to be happy and you drink to be sad,

You’d drink when behaving but when drunk you’d be bad,

You confide in the Demon, you think he’s your mate,

You can’t tell your family they’ve enough on their plate,

And when he befriends you it’s hard to let go,

No one else understands you not no one you know


But the friendship gets angry, demanding and all seems one way,

So where did it go wrong, I now here you say,

Was it complaisance, ego, guilt or despair,

Or is that some people simply really don’t care


To put it quite simple it’s so easily done,

You make the wrong choice, and the demon he’s won,

But who is the Demon I hear you all say,

Where does he come from and where does he stay?

He lurks deep within us disguised by our front,

His name is addiction and quite simply he’s a…not very nice person at all!!


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