Elderflower Type Tom Collins

Old Tom Collins himself wouldn’t know the difference with this I am sure of it? Even if he did, I reckon he would approve. In fact, I will be honest, as I write this I am not sure if Tom Collins is a real bloke and if so, is the drink named after him as the inventor or what (I digress)?

Perhaps I should have researched! Never mind, this drink is so easy and uses “Ginish” from the ish company. A major point for me in this is freshly squeezed Lemons (even the juices do go everywhere) as it just makes it perfect.


50 ml Ginish

25 ml Freshly squeezed Lemon Juice (if you can but not essential)

10 ml Sugar syrup

20 ml Elderflower cordial or syrup

Soda to top up

Any herb you like to decorate, I used Rosemary because I can pinch it from my mates bush across the road!

Easiest of Methods:

Couldn’t be easier. Just mix it together, either in the glass or a shaker, top up with Soda water and pop in the Rosemary or whatever herb you fancy.


All the best…. Darren

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