Nice n Spicy Tonic ( Cucumber, spice and all things nice)

A quick and easy concoction sure to refresh and cleanse your palate, not forgetting it’s fiery kick. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this mocktail, it is far from boring – in this case, less is more!  A mocktail you could really have fun with, test out new combinations with the endless flavours of tonic waters.


  • The key ingredient – Cucumber – add as much as you desire.
  • A bottle of Tonic Water – whatever flavour you prefer, I have used a Mediterranean Tonic Water.
  • A chunk of red chilli – again add as much as you desire (or can handle)
  • About 5 whole peppercorns – these aren’t essential, they just add a little character to finish!


This one’s a quick one and everyone loves a quickie, right? It’s all about chucking it all in to suit your preference.

  1. Add the cucumber to your glass, sliced, shaved or spiralled and as much as you’d like.
  2. Chop a small chunk of chilli and throw it in with the cucumber – be careful not to rub your eyes after!
  3. Add about 5 or 6 peppercorns to the glass – these look great bobbing around the fizzyness.
  4. And to finish simply fill your glass by pouring in your chosen flavour of tonic water, personally I think the Mediterranean flavour works great for this one.
  5. Essential step, must not be skipped – sit down and enjoy!

See, just like that you have created a tasty refreshing drink with minimal effort, perfect for after a long hard day.

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