Espresso Cartini Mocktail (I switched the M and C…… Clever eh!)

When you don’t drink alcohol like my good self you realise you have an abundance of different flavours to go for and this cheeky little thing includes one of my favourites, Coffee.

With Christmas comes all types of different taste bud tingling Coffees but there use in other drinks need not be limited to the Alcoholic Dark Side.

When I stopped drinking, I felt such a sense of achievement that after a Month I rewarded myself with an Espresso Machine. With this love of coffee, I wanted to mix up a storm with this bad boy and it can be made with whatever tipple you want.

I have used both Seedlip Spice 94 (of which there are many recipes), but also something called Celtic Soul from my local supermarket (to be honest I can’t remember which one but maybe Sainsbury’s) so without further ado, let’s get this thing on:



  • Plenty of Ice Cubes, I’d say at least 4 cubes
  • 60ml Fresh Espresso (your choice)  OR 60ml Cold Coffee Brew (you can buy this at any supermarket)
  • 60ml Seedlip 94 Blend OR Celtic Soul OR any other Botanical Spirit with a spicy, zesty or Rummy flavour (excellent use of the correct terminology if I do say so)
  • 5 – 15ml Vanilla Syrup, depending how sweet you are

Garnish with either Coffee Beans or Chocolate Chips and if you are feeling adventurous then why not hang a slice of dried Orange on the side or even sugar coat the rim of the glass!


Shake it like a Polaroid Picture because you want froth from this bad boy for it to look as good as it tastes.

I am using a fresh espresso coffee direct from the machine and the Celtic Soul but as mentioned, each to their own:

  1. Make your coffee (Espresso) of choice
  2. Put the Ice into a Cock, I mean Mocktail shaker and pour the coffee over it. By doing this the ice rapidly cools the coffee and locks in the flavour. Listen to it crackle and pop!
  3. Add the Vanilla syrup and the Celtic Soul to the Shaker
  4. Shake like your life depends on it, go crazy, dance, shout and sing, just shake the damn thing!
  5. Prepare a Coupe Glass by dipping the rim into some of the syrup and then demerara or crystal sugar – Go on it really looks the part
  6. One final shake then steadily, pour into the glass and garnish with chocolate chips or coffee beans
  7. Chill (You not the Mocktail)

And that’s it. Great to serve after dinner with friends and family or just as a treat on your own, why not?

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