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New Sober Book Recommendation! ‘Finding Your Sober Bubble’: Overcome alcohol by understanding emotions & circumstance

Wow! I am so excited to post about this because writing was a hidden passion for me for so many years and through sobriety, I decided that I could entwine the two, starting with this website and now I have written a book. The following text gives an introduction as potential readers will see it:

Let’s start with a realism kick! There is no textbook and no fixed solution for everyone when it comes to kicking the booze and this is not just another story of someone who got sober, Darren looks back through emotions and circumstance to understand why he binged on alcohol and demonstrates with humour the power of persistence.

Pulling on everyday experiences, Darren gives an insight into the problem drinker with his unique booze category scale and proves that by believing in yourself and adjusting your limitations you too can achieve continued sobriety.

Darren is sober, and very far from boring, and through preparation, 6 P’s style, and using this book as a guide, with activities to boost, you too can find success, and whether you are already sober, sober curious, at the end of your tether, or just looking for some inspiration from a regular guy who took different methods and made them his own, then this book is definitely for you. He took a long time to discover the Sober Bubble but when he did, it was his safe place, somewhere to escape the rat race and the madness accompanying everyday life these days.

From a young age, influences can stay with you regardless of whether you want them to or not, and under differing circumstances, people react in differing ways. Darren was surrounded by the drinking culture and saw in all its glory the negative side, before falling in line with a society that drinking alcohol is the “go-to glamour puss” for all occasions and as with many others of my generation took it to the extreme and followed the bumbling Hofmeister Bear.

Thing is, unlike most people, who eventually calm down and refer to their storytelling by starting with “back in the day”, he never stopped, and with a job leading him further down the road to destruction, playing with his ego and offering a lifestyle that many people would be grateful for, alcohol almost took over, and no longer grateful, almost lost grip on a world where contentment is utopia.

Share Darren’s experiences with alcohol, sobriety, society, and other related topics which may be thought-provoking, humorous, or dare we say controversial. Working hard and playing hard, and all the time, something eventually has to give and when the world fell apart he began to examine why he drank, and although continuing for another few years, declining further into the realms of addiction and secret drinking, he discovered through various means that he really was an emotional ticking time bomb just waiting to go off.

In particular, 2006 was a year that had every emotion known, and rather than take it on board and deal with it at the time, he was straight on to the next thing because that was the circumstances that were laid before him.

The learning experiences gained through life and 4 years of stop and start, on and off the wagon (relapses) led Darren to a point to understand what works and what doesn’t. In the professional life, mixing with people from all walks of life and of different (dare I say) social standing, he gleamed the best bits from everyone and in a battle against the booze took a similar approach, including therapy, AA, social media and scouring the web typing in “am I an alcoholic”? What followed years of denial was a different strategic way of looking at alcoholism and defining different levels as you will see from the Booze category scale.

Welcome to the University of Everyday Life, where through variety you too can find your own journey to sobriety and your very own Sober Bubble.

I sincerely hope you find my book useful and uplifting and as you embark on a journey with me, I will

I wish you all the very best…… Darren


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