2 Reasons I’m Donating Profits from ‘Finding Your Sober Bubble’ to Charity during Sober October  

I will be honest, it feels good to know that I am the author of the new Quit Lit book Finding Your Sober Bubble!

Like Dry January, Sober October has become a catalyst for many people to stop drinking for good. Some have battled with alcohol for many years and are at the end of their tether, whilst others are just curious of the sober life, or trying to prove a point and go sober for October for charity.

I wrote my book to give an insight, a guide and to show everyday people that you don’t have to be classified as an alcoholic to have a drink problem, but more than that, to offer hope and prove that it can be done.

Sober October for me combines the 2 negative aspects of my life, alcohol abuse through binge drinking and the sudden death of my Mother to Cancer at a relatively young age. This is why I have decided to help in 2 ways this October:

By purchasing Finding Your Sober Bubble you will find support, advice, humour and a relatable story that will assist, or just accompany you or someone you know through, until November or beyond. But more than that to show my support of both you and the Charities that support Sober October I will donate all of the profit royalty from book sales in October to charity.

So, if you were considering buying my book or doing Sober October, why not do both and allow me to help raise money for this great cause.

Thank you… Darren


If you are thinking of starting your sobriety journey and want some more info visit my sobriety tips.

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