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You don’t have to be ‘labelled’ an alcoholic to have a drink problem or to have alcohol affect your life negatively and I whilst I would say I never really hit what is perceived as ‘rock bottom’….. I could see it from where I was standing!

My name is Darren and I wanted to re-ignite my very first post from my first blog Why? Because we have a new name and a continued presence for those looking to find there very own sober bubble. At the objective is clear: To encourage and help people who want to cut down or control their drinking, or to ditch alcohol for continued sobriety.

My passion to deliver and support is driven from personal experience and the issues and menial stresses that are around us every day. Through preparation and using the posts and tools from as a guide, you too can succeed. You may already be sober, sober curious, or at the end of your tether. Either way, you will find inspiration from a regular guy who took different methods and made them his own.

For more information on yours truly, I would love you to visit my ‘about‘ page or get a copy of my debut book ‘Finding Your Sober Bubble‘, but in summary, I have led a life of some cracking highs and some awful lows, seeing counselors and therapists and eventually leading to excesses with alcohol in the form of binge drinking.

After some honest truths and some ‘moments of clarity’ I developed a Booze Category Scale to try and help people understand that it really isn’t as clear cut as alcohol dependence or alcohol abuse and there is a slippery slope from ‘Teetotaller’ to ‘Reapers Depender’.

Human nature will, as I have experienced, often lead us down the wrong path but it doesn’t have to be a dead-end and we can walk in many directions before positive realisation and contentment!

Whilst I believe there is an amount of luck, I also believe we can influence and have a big say on our own destiny.

However, like many things in life there is a catch, and where this hypothesis often fails is when a person has hidden parts that either they are afraid to talk about or that affects them in such a way that without the correct help they feel there is no potential, and turn to alcohol or other means to cope.

Nevertheless, as more emphasis is expressed in the media and sites like mine, I hope we can be reassured that there is help there and we are more resilient than we often give ourselves credit for.

If I can help or encourage anyone or even stimulate better understanding and positivity regarding sobriety, then I have succeeded.

I quit drinking by using different methods and advice, and I only succeeded by making the unique aspects work for me, and that is why I created this website in the first place. As a guide for similar everyday people.

The life journey we are on should not just be about survival, but about fun, laughter, humility and enjoyment. Sometimes your life turns to rat shit, but we can bounce back and give a finger to the doubters, know-it-all’s, egotists, power crazed bosses, gossips, killjoys and just plain ring pieces of the world and say; ‘Do you know what? I know what’s best for me because I’ve lived a bit and learned from the experience and yes, it is a wild ride’.

This is me sober, experienced and expressing myself to help others find contentment in everyday life!

Welcome to the world of sober living. Through determination, self belief and frozen fruit and tonic (diet of course, no gin), you too can thrive in sobriety by creating your very own Sober Bubble.

All the best… Darren

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