Cranberry & Ginger Mocktail with a Rosemary Twist

If you want a different mocktails that is easy to manufacture, then look no further than this little beauty. The Cranberry gives it the sweet Christmassy feel, the Ginger gives it a subtle soft & spicy after taste, and the smell of the Rosemary whilst you take a sip adds to the sensation, finishing off a lovely Christmas tipple.

So, what’s the crack with Ginger I hear you say? Well, depending on your taste buds when it comes to the strength of Ginger flavour, will depend on the type you use, either Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer, and this decision is really the hardest part about making this mocktail! Ginger Beer is actually brewed and fermented which gives a stronger, spicier taste while its younger, much more delicate sister, Ginger Ale is essentially a carbonated beverage made from Ginger and Water, which means it takes on the less poignant flavour and as it is carbonated, is fizzier.

I personally like either but if making this for guests I would always use the Ginger Ale as so as not to overpower the drink because I also think that the Rosemary makes it. In fact the look of it has something very 1940’s about it, see what you think!

Simple but Effective Ingredients:

½ a glass of Cranberry

½ a glass of Ginger Ale (or Ginger Beer for a “Gingerier”experience)

Sprig of Rosemary

Fresh Cranberries for Garnish

Method that doesn’t get much easier:

Pick your glass of choice the simply pour in the Cranberry Juice and the Ginger Ale. Take your sprig of Rosemary and give it a stir so it takes on some of its flavour and cut some cranberries in half, pop them onto a cocktail stick and its as easy as that.

Happy days…. Darren

I also sneakily pinched my rosemary from my mates bush. Well what are friends for.

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