In the current climate most of us are concerned about the COVID 19 / Corona Virus and the impact on healthcare like the NHS, but what about those in isolation in varying stages of your sobriety journey?

My thoughts go out to anyone who may be struggling or even concerned about their own thoughts of struggling and how now, even more than ever, you may feel that your sobriety journey could be under jeopardy. BUT remember; Although you may be in isolation you do not have to be alone and yes COVID 19 is a concern, but your top priority must remain, continued Sobriety throughout. The measures put in place are similar throughout the world and so everyone is at a level playing field in terms of the virus and the social implications.

Therefore, think of that line in the sand you drew when you gave up the booze, with the “old you” on one side and the “new (holy crap what does the future hold) you” on the other side, the only difference to keep in mind now is that the line has been drawn in a different place. It’s the same line, it’s the same you on both sides, you have the same choices, and everyone’s line has moved whether they had a drink related problem or not! The positive is that hopefully you can use some of the knowledge from the aftermath of quitting booze and sobriety top tips to keep you on track.


COVID 19 and Sobriety Support

I want to offer my support to anyone struggling and in the first instance I urge you, to check out the literature available on my website and any others. We all know COVID 19 is a virus but below is and acronym we can use in terms of continued sobriety:

Don't lose heart - COVID 19 - Sobriety Journey


C Calmness: It is imperative that we remain calm and collected where possible. Yes, this is unprecedented times but when you decided to quit the booze, wasn’t that unprecedented also? It was new territory which most likely scared you too so try and remember that you have overcome that and remember how difficult it was for perspective. Whilst at home with loved ones everyone will likely feel overwhelmed by the situation and none more so that the ex-boozer, so take a step back and try and focus on your mental health and wellness. Download my guide here for some suggestions.

O Observant: You know (or at least have an idea of) what triggers you into wanting alcohol. If this is the people you live with then I will come back to you (eeek!) but other than that, make sure you keep these in mind and be observant of the warning signs as they may, or may not happen. Check out some of my sobriety tips and what to expect in the aftermath of quitting booze.

V Valiant: It takes a massive amount of courage to make the sobriety decision so clearly you have it in you to continue your journey. Keep making the valiant effort to make sense of the current information in society and your own needs. You are a strong person and you are worthy of the benefits sobriety has to offer.

I Isolate using Initiative: This calls for common sense so if you’re a bloke like me you will have to dig deep, because we are renowned for struggling on this one (according to my wife anyway)! Its simple, follow the guidance given but get yourself out for the exercise, drink plenty of water and keep yourself busy. Remember everyone is in the same boat so in isolation we stand together

D Don’t drink Alcohol. Obvious but just don’t, because this is the priority. Do drink your favourite AF Tipple if you can get it. Do try and take it in your stride!


Take care and remember to look after yourselves as well as your family.

 Love to all…. Darren

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