My 1 Year Sober Song


Today, the 27th March 2020 marks 1 complete year of sobriety for me and to celebrate I had big plans. However, as the world situation with Covid 19 goes on, all this has changed. However, lets try not to be downhearted because I actually have everything I need at home in my family and right now we all appreciate being sober. Achieving continued sobriety was my ultimate goal and just seeing the date and taking time to reflect is good enough for me and of course I can write. I have changed the words to a folk song and made it “My 1 Year Sober Song” but for now I have written a little Poem that I would like to share with you:


How proud I stand here knowing now what I know,

For 12 Months ago I was feeling so low,

I had tried I had failed, I had let people down,

I was rather confused should I still be around,

But something within me made me stop and think,

This time it was different, I really wanted a life without drink,

For contentment was round me as plain as could see,

And they stood right beside me did my family,

There’s been ups there’s been downs and I’ve shed a few tears,

When I think of my demons, my emotions my fears,

The first 30 days were the hardest for me,

I rode out the cravings, the frustration and the anxiety,

I found out by looking the support it is rife,

And to give something back I started the uni of everyday life,

With my roller coaster ride I have learned a great deal,

Sobriety for me will not lose its appeal,

So thank you I say to the sober community,

Together we keep you striving for alcohol immunity,

And if you ever feel like you think it’s all over,

It’s not, and I’ll prove it…… cos I’m one whole year sober.

I love to write and ”My Story” is available on my About page.

Love to all…. Dazza T

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