With so many people never being more than an arm’s length away from their smartphone, it’s no wonder that so many people who are recovering from addiction have been using some of the best sobriety apps to keep their sober journey on an even keel.

After all, it’s a rare person indeed who leaves the house without a smartphone on their person, and for those kicking the booze, having constant access or the knowledge that you can reach out to support whenever and wherever can be very reassuring.

Maintaining your sobriety can be as hard as getting sober in the first place, so it’s essential that a person on that path has the necessary tools required to stay in recovery and prevent a relapse.

Having a smartphone with one or two (or more) sobriety apps keeping you in contact with support, sober buddies and experts can be a tremendous help. Alongside this, having sobriety trackers which show you how many days you have been sober, how much money you’ve saved, and other milestones can serve as great encouragement.

Some of these apps use your smartphone’s location to help you find support and group meetings that are local to you as well as a sobriety based social network to help you on your sobriety quest.

With addiction journeys being hugely personal as well the privacy offered by an app is ideal to keep you in contact with your support without having to worry about judgement from others.

Many of these  apps have been developed by medical professionals and sobriety experts as well as by people who have been on the recovery path for some time so you can be reassured that the apps have your best interests and continued sobriety as the focus of their intentions.

So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best sobriety apps that are out there to help keep your focus on the alcohol-free path that you or a loved one is embarking on.

Twenty-Four Hours A Day

Provided by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, an organisation helping with addiction since 1953,  Twenty-four hours a day is a mobile app version of ‘The Book’ or ‘Little Black Book’.

This is a text that’s been helping in the recovery of alcoholics since 1954 and offers daily thoughts, meditations, and prayers for living a clean and sober life.

This resource is very religion-orientated but many reviewers have pointed out that they’ve still used it to achieve a sober life.

Regarded as a basic building block for sober living and relating the twelve steps and traditions used in alcoholics anonymous it can help you to find the power to not take that first drink of the day!

Keeping Sobriety While Socialising


Developed by a 34-year sober Harvard University Educated Chemical Dependency counsellor, this app is based on proven techniques to help you with your sober journey and help to keep you clean and happy.

Whether it’s alcohol, food, sex, cocaine, marijuana, gambling, spending, heroin, the internet, or anything else, SoberTool gives you free, immediate help.

SoberTool has a reputation of aiding in the prevention of relapsing and helping in the recovery thought process.

With daily messages and motivations, SoberTool rewards you for the time you’ve spent sober and provides a sobriety counter to keep track of the progress you’ve achieved so far as well as a community forum and journaling options to vent your bad feelings and reflection.

SoberTool is a great way to track your progression and time spent sober, whilst also being a resource to help you find answers and maintain your newer healthy outlook.


Nomo was developed by someone in recovery and is an invaluable tool for anybody recuperating from any kind of addiction, habit or hurt.

Nomo allows you to create as many sobriety clocks as you like and to share them with selected accountability partners. It’s possible to share your progress with your Facebook and Twitter followers if you want as well!

It has distraction exercises to help you with your focus when you feel the temptation to relapse and has a ‘check-in’ button on your shared clocks to demonstrate to your accountability partners that you’re actively in pursuit of your own sobriety.

Nomo also gives you chips similar to Alcoholics Anonymous as a memento of each sobriety goal reached and the option to view all of your chips in one place to really see how far you’ve come and to keep you encouraged.


Keeping Sobriety

Sober Grid

Sober Grid is an app helping you with your journey to recovery by connecting you with sober people both nearby and globally.

It allows you to chat and send private messages with others on the same path and like most of the others has a sobriety counter or clock to allow you to keep a record of how much progress you’ve made.

Sober Grid is essentially a sobriety supporting social network that connects you with other users supporting each other through their sobriety journeys.

It gives you the option to alert other members when you need someone to talk to immediately and receive or offer safe rides to recovery meetings in your local area.

With over 100K downloads, Sober Grid will connect you other people in the same boat and help support you in your sobriety quest.

Simple Habit

A little bit different to some of the others we have mentioned so far is Simple Habit.

This is a meditation app which makes the claim that five minutes of mindfulness and meditation per day can improve your life through stress relief and improved sleep. It would be hard to find an argument from anyone who’s recovering from addiction that stress and lack of sleep are a very real thing when faced with this trying situation.

Simple Habit says that whether you have just five minutes in the morning or twenty minutes during your commute to work it can help you to achieve mindfulness and fall asleep quickly.

Simple Habit is free, but you can upgrade to the paid premium version which gives the option to download meditations and suchlike to practice offline.

With meditations guided by the world’s leading experts and over 1 million downloads and over 44K reviews averaging 4.8-stars, we’re sure that Simple Habit is a great resource to help you help yourself and others in sobriety

Sober Time

Sober Time is a sobriety day counter which tracks how long you’re remained sober and clean.

Like Sober Grid, it also connects you with a vibrant community of people who are also on their recovery journey from addiction to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and substances…it also helps those who are struggling with a self-harming habit.

Providing you with the motivation and support that’s needed to keep you on the right track in your recovery, keeping you focused with daily messages, goals and letting you see your own sobriety counter tick by.

Sober Time will help you to take back control of your life, addictions, and your recovery!

Sobriety Talk Therapy

I Am Sober

Like many of the apps here, I am Sober is a sober tracker that will tell you down to the second how far you’ve come since giving up your addiction and taking back control of your life.

It also contains options to add reasons and photographs to help you remember why you quit and to help you stay sober and build your new, good habits.

You can also start your day with a daily pledge, after all sobriety is a twenty-four-hour struggle, and then you can review your day and make notes.

Habit tracking has been proven to be an effective tool to change your life for the better and this app not only lets you keep track of how long you’ve been rocking it sober but also your recovery milestones from one day to one week to one month and beyond and see what other users experienced at the same stage.

Once you’ve created an account and declared your addiction it will instantly show you a withdrawal timeline that will give you an idea of what you can expect to feel in the next few days and weeks and lets you contribute to it with your own experiences.

Overall, another highly rated and downloaded app that’s free to use but with a premium paid service too, which will give you access to even more features like the ‘create a group’ which is a great option to compliment your real-life support groups for addiction too.


A little different to the above-mentioned apps, BetterHelp is a therapy app and a convenient way to get professional help from licensed therapists.

With over 20,000 trained, experienced, and accredited therapists covering a wide range of areas – from depression and anxiety to family and couples therapy – it’s never been easier to receive personal, professional help when you need it.

All BetterHelps therapists have at least 3 years and over 1,000 hours of hands-on experience, alongside being certified and qualified. They also hold either a Master’s or Doctorate degree in their fields.

BetterHelp works by matching you with your own therapist based upon as questionnaire which you need to fill out. In addition to this you will be provided with your own secure therapy room.

You can message your therapist at any time from any internet connected device and schedule a session to speak with your therapist over the phone or internet and discuss your challenges and receive feedback, insights, and guidance.

BetterHelp is a paid service that’s billed every four weeks but is much cheaper than face to face therapy and is a great resource for someone who may not be able to get to support meetings or a therapy session and having someone to talk with in your recovery journey is an invaluable tool in helping you make positive changes and stay on the path that you have chosen.


Hopefully you’ve gained a deeper insight into what’s out there with regards to having a little portable ‘sober helper’ about your person giving you help and reassurance in those times of need when you feel like you’re going to relapse.

Whether it’s a connection to a sober companion, community or therapist or just a game to keep your mind occupied while the feeling passes there are all these apps we’ve discussed today and so many more to help you keep your sober focus and maintain your record of staying sober. For more help, blogs, tips and guidance visit Sober Bubble today.