For a person new to their own personal sobriety journey sometimes any resource can be a Godsend whether it offers, help advice or distractions that will help to prevent you relapsing and viewing the world through the bottom of a bottle.

It doesn’t matter if you’re one day, week, month, year, or whatever length of time, if you’re trying to stay sober than you want to use all the resources available to you to help keep you strong and unwavering as you navigate the tumultuous path toward a clearer headed, sober new you.

Podcasts to support your sobriety are a great sober resource as they can be listened to at any time of day in your own home or on the move.

With many websites, social media pages, apps, and groups out there to help support you as you navigate each day at a time it’s a good idea to have something to hand to help you for if you get tempted in the early hours or whenever you find yourself alone and in need of some sober inspiration, and so, with this in mind we’ve compiled a list of some of the best podcasts to support your sobriety that are out there today.

With some of the shows created and hosted by people in recovery themselves as well as by medical and chemical dependency experts and the apps ranging from sober clocks to distraction games to apps that connect you with a therapist, we’re sure there’s something here to help keep you on the straight and narrow path in your sobriety journey.

Smiling woman doing podcasts to support your sobriety

The Bubble Hour

The Bubble in the title refers to what we surround ourselves with in order to feel, comfort, joy and laughter. Hosted by a recovery author and blogger, Jean McCarthy, the Bubble Hour is a weekly show with real people and real stories of their ongoing sobriety recovery and journey.

With guests talking about their long-term recoveries, tips for your ongoing sober journey and reflections on maintaining your sobriety long and short term, The Bubble Hour has something for everyone at whatever stage of their recovery. Click here to visit the podcast.

That Sober Guy Podcast

The Sober Guy host himself, Shane is himself in recovery from alcohol and in this podcast, he interviews a mix of celebrities and everyday people who have suffered or felt the impacts of addiction from alcohol or drugs.

Shane battled his alcohol demons for almost two decades and sought treatment in 2013 and less than a year later he started his positive, healthy living podcast to share inspiration with other people who want to make that positive, lifestyle change.

The Sober Guy podcast has become one of the most popular recovery podcasts in the world and has been downloaded millions of times all around the world. Click here to visit That Sober Guy Podcast.

A Sober Girls Guide Podcast

From a sober guy to a sober girl and Jessica Jeboult is the Sober Girl and now hosts A Sober Girls Guide after spending almost a decade trying to get sober and her show is here to give other girls wishing to get and stay sober, the tools needed to help with their journey.

With guests and conversations around things such as self-improvement, spirituality and wellness Jessica wants to provide others with motivation and advice to stay on the sober path

With a lighter hearted, casual, and witty tone that’s not the norm when dealing with this subject matter, you can be sure to find some food for thought listening to A Sober Girls guide. Click here to visit the podcast.

Podcasts to support your sobriety and help you say 'No' to alcohol


The Addicted Mind Podcast

Duane Osterlind, the host of The Addicted Mind Podcast says on his about page that addiction has been part of his life since he was seventeen years of age when he was admitted to an inpatient rehab for depression and substance abuse.

Receiving help at such a young age was a key moment for him and helped him to develop the coping skills he needed to help him move on with his life and away from addiction.

A few years later after marrying and losing a young daughter, Duane and his wife realised that they needed help and found the strength to reach out and experiencing the support of others who had been through similarly trying times and now uses the Addicted Mind podcast to get reliable, information about treatment and research into addiction.

Duane wants others to know that with the right support and knowledge that things get better and to share other people’s stories of recovery and finding happiness after addiction and trauma. Click this link to visit the Addicted Mind Podcast.

Elevation Recovery

The two hosts of the Elevation Recovery podcast are opioid recovery coach Matt Finch and alcohol recovery coach Chris Scott who met more than four years ago and share the same beliefs when it comes to addiction recovery.

Deciding to collaborate, they founded Elevation Recovery in 2019 with eight episodes of their podcast they now have over 175 episodes as well as two other websites about recovery and addiction and

Matt and Chris say on that they’re 100% dedicated to improving and advancing the field of mental health and addiction treatment and the Elevation Recovery podcasts vision is to introduce you to the people, ideas, principles, strategies, and tactics that they believe can increase recovery rates.

With guests ranging from addiction professionals, other specialists and numerous guests who share their stories of overcoming their various addictions, the Elevation Recovery podcast is not like other sober podcasts that focus on traditional recovery methods and techniques such as the 12-step program and instead focuses more on ways to overcome without the need to attend meetings but also giving you the latest information and research with regards to mental health and addiction recovery that will supplement your sober group meetings as well. Click here to visit the Elevation Recovery podcast.

We hope that this article has given you some ideas for  some of the best podcasts to support your sobriety and supplementing your groups, therapies, and support with one or more of the sobriety podcasts that we’ve discussed here today for yourself or a friend or loved one who may benefit from keeping a connection to some sobriety support on their person when they’re out and about.

For more information on finding sobriety and support and a whole host of sober articles and literature and inspiration, please visit Sober Bubble today.