Darren in the Media

As an advocate of sober living in those that choose sobriety and need help, Darren G. Taylor is keen to spread the word and offer support. In interviews and discussions, Darren openly discusses his own thoughts, emotions and how he quit alcohol after years of binge drinking. This is the basis for ‘Finding Your Sober Bubble’.

You will hear phrases such as “You don’t have to be an alcoholic to have a drink problem” and “You don’t have to hit rock bottom, if you can see it from where you are standing”

Throughout, Darren represents drinkers across the board who may struggle everyday with cravings or quitting, those who know they ought to quit, and those who want to evaluate their alcohol intake for a healthier lifestyle.

In a Sober Bubble with Bee Sober’s Alex & Lisa

These girls are amazing and have a fun and honest conversation with Darren about Finding Your Sober Bubble and some other nice and relaxed topics. A fun podcast!

Check out my appearance on the The Retired Blackout Artist Podcast on Spotify. An international 3 way with Chaz in the U.S, Dora in Mexico and Me in the UK, talking about sobriety, life and having a giggle. 

Darren in the Media: The Recover SoulFood Podcast with Lona L.C. Currie

Darren talks openly with the amazing LC about ‘Finding Your Sober Bubble’, NLP and the wonderful Jill Cowley and all things supportive in sobriety:

Darren in the Media: BBC Radio Lincolnshire with Melvyn Prior

A first local radio appearance for Darren on Melvyn Prior’s topical morning show. Melvyn and Darren have a chat around the role emotions and circumstances play in the upbringing of a person who drinks. “You don’t have to be an alcoholic to have a drink problem”

Mens Radio Station with with Russ Kane and Phil Dave (March 2021)

Great open and flowing conversation with these two guys at Mens Radio Station. It is for ladies too though!

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